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(If you have a Zoom Pro account and want to keep it pro, you should sign up for a separate free Zoom account to connect to Empowering the Artist)
(If you are having ETA build your Square website for you, be sure to pick a password you don't mind sharing with us. You will eventually change it once the site is set up):
(i.e. 1 Hr Coaching - $100, 2 Hr Masterclass - $300, etc. You may also include descriptions with each appointment type if you wish.)
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How to:

If you need a free Square account, click here to sign up.

It will ask you all sorts of information about setting up your business.  Don’t be overwhelmed. It is exciting to have your own business! But for most of you, your Square account will just be used for your direct deposit.  So the most important information  you ‘ll need to make this happen is your personal information and your bank account routing and account numbers. 

If you are wanting us to build out your Square website, be sure to sign up with a password you want to share with us for the initial build.  After we build it, you should change your password again.

If you are incorporated, fill in you personal information as requested (even your personal SSN).  But be sure to add your Corporation’s Business bank account when setting up your direct deposit.  In addition, we will only use the information included in your W9 when creating your 1099 at the end of the year.  

If you need a free Zoom account, click here to sign up.

*If you have already connected your Zoom account to another online booking site and want to keep that connection, you might need to create another free account in order to connect to our service.  Even if you have two different accounts, it shouldn’t matter which you are connected to when you click on any lesson link generated by a future booking.

These are essentially your “business hours”.  It doesn’t mean these times will be blocked off in your personal synced calendar.  It just means these are the times each day that you are willing to be booked for appointments.  You can also block off individual hours/days that you are going on vacation but aren’t normal days off.

Click here to see how easy it is to set your hours!  You can scroll to the bottom of that page to see a quick video as well!

You can do all of this through the website or through your Acuity app!

Click here for information on syncing your iCal(iCloud)/GoogleCalendar/Outlook to your acuity scheduling portal.

This is a great way to build new business!  It is also a wonderful way to offer your services for a discount to specific groups or students that might not otherwise be able to afford it without lowering your public price.

This is another: You dream it, we’ll create it!

You can can create a discount by percentage or a dollar amount.  It can be a one time use or used in perpetuity for anyone or a specific person.  I can also be limited for only certain types of appointments (i.e. only 1-on-1 coaching, or only group dance classes).

Send your ideas for your personal discount coupon codes to EmpoweringtheArtist@gmail.com  You can say “I’d like to offer 10% off for new students for their first booking” or “I want to offer $15 off each booking for my long time student Jessie Donaldson jessie.donaldson@email.com”. 

The faster you can get us your files and account information, the faster we can begin to build your website!

Things you should email us EmpoweringtheArtist@gmail.com:

  1. One horizontal picture that will serve as your main banner (less than 10MB).  This should be one of your best photos that really showcases you. 
  2. 6-9  more pictures (less than 10MB each) you’d like to be in your photo gallery. If you are sending via dropbox, google drive or anything similar, be sure you enable the option for us to download them.
  3. A list of your top credits to be listed right under your banner.  If you’d like to include most of your bio, we can do that too.
  4. A short quote that  gives your clients an idea of your teaching style and how excited you are to work with them.

We will need your login information for your webpage.  It could be a WordPress login or your hosting site login.  

This is a new option we are offering, and we are hoping it doesn’t prove too difficult.  So, we’ll have patience with each other going through it

It is frustrating that Instagram only lets you include one link in your bio.  However, there are a number of free solutions that have popped up and work really well.  Essentially, these companies give you one link that will then lead your followers to all your links in one click.

We recommend two companies that have free versions:  Lnk.bio and Linktree.

Either one will allow you to list any teaching sites you are on, including your own (you should definitely put yours first). It can also include any foundations or organizations that you support in the same link.